The father connection!

When Church-talk vs. Church-walk!

Jesus-our role model for life and ministry!

True transformation!

Lift the word and the name of God!

Form of Godliness; without power!

Grace-to suffer and witness!

Growth through unity!

God’s household!

The price/cost of peace

No longer enemies!

No longer alone!

Living for good!

True love

More than a mother!

A new nature!

Because He came!

The greatest operation ever!

When Christ rules

Knowing Christ, as we should!

The wedding of the lamb!

Servant-by choice!

The Spirit of sonship!

The power of Salvation

The power of His resurrection-in us

The most difficult prayer

Don’t give-up yet!

Authentic Christians

Heaven’s spokesperson

The God-Man!

Watching our looks, words and steps

More than being “simple”

Your (only) enemy!

Let nothing move you!

Work, Worship and righteousness

On the same page with God?

I know who holds my hand, my tomorrows..

Making the most-of every opportunity

What am I doing with my time?

Zeal without knowledge; plane without roof

His way, His word!

My heart and my hands for Him!

It’s time to know Him better!

When the Lord is your (only) support!

The power of focusing on God!

Unless the Lord promotes!

Unless the Lord builds!

Count the cost!

Wake up and cry!

Wake up and pray!

In a little while…!

When God shakes!

When riches amount to nothing!

God is our only true refuge

Jesus is all you need!

Never say “Never”!

Know where you “left” Him?

Being and doing what God wants

He is almost here; can you hear?

Are we there yet?

God saves and protects!

Stay filled!

Filled with His Love and Power!

Time to Love God

Dialogue with God!

When “No” becomes “Now”!

Did your “Spiritual”?

What is not in that name?

Signed-up with God?

When “FREE SCOUP” gets you!

“Today”, says God; “Tomorrow”, says devil

Follow Jesus, not religion!

He didn’t just give you a flower

“Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you.”

We must overcome!

God’s way, not mine!

Dad’s own!

When He sends, He provides!

(Dis) appointment with God!



Trust in the Lord alone!

God’s way to victory

Great is His faithfulness

More than my instincts!

See something; say something!

Open my eyes, Lord!

Fix your eyes!

Chosen by God-to proclaim Him!

Let God do it!


God has a dream!

A living hope!

Stains of sin on the saints!



Ever got a shock?

Moving right?

Gospel according to me!

Preaching that pleases God

“Another gospel” which is no gospel

Sorrow that is good and needed!

Victorious Living!

Pleasing Christ

Competent through Christ

A friend like no other

Living the faith

Speaking faith

Faith vs Fear

Faith knows no fear, nor darkness

Celebrating the “wrong Jesus”!

Parenting the greatest child ever

They stepped out of the boat!

The same Jesus?

Got favor?

When “impossible” becomes Him-possible!

The “noisy” Jesus!

Truly a new creation in Christ

Living and giving life through love

Practicing the faith