Read and reflect on the word of God and live


Today: Read and reflect on the word of God and live

Passage: 2 Tim 2

6 The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops. 7 Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you

insight into all this. (2 Tim 2, NIV) – emphasis added

The word of God is often read and forgotten, before we even close the book!

It is read like a ritual/duty and forgotten, unlike any other book we read

Why do we treat God’s message like that?

Because our relationship with God is only that much!

If we want to get closer to God, it is possible; just get away from the world

One of the important things is prayer; fasting and praying is even more helpful

A commanding officer has to just tell his subordinate only once and he/she will obey the order. But we treat God differently. We need to find out why

Jesus is God’s power and wisdom for us. When we meditate/reflect on the word of God, we get the power and wisdom from God(1 Cor 2)

Those two things are missing in the Church: “power” and “wisdom

In many churches today, we see style without substance. Preaching is there, but no message; music without meaning; prayer without power…and
performance without a proper relationship to God!

What are we doing?

Church has unfortunately become the market place where people play the most games; people become materially rich and spiritual paupers?

Apostle Paul mentioned highlights on these three characters: a good soldier, a competent athlete and a good farmer; Timothy was to reflect on
those three

All the three are focussed on their task; they have big challenges to overcome. To be successful, they need to fight/overcome those challenges

There are rules they must follow; they learn from other succesful people in their category. They reflect on good advice from others

Ignorance to the word of God and indifference to (the needs and situations of) others are the two main enemies of the Christian

What we don’t know can hurt us. In the same way, if we “I don’t care about others; I will just mind my business and live”, that hurts God

That is not the model Jesus showed us!

Reflect on what you just read. Reflect on the word we read

Have a wonderful, blessed day!


Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for your word. I know each word of yours is true and powerful, but I hardly take time to read asnd reflect upon
it. Help me Lord to meditate on your word more and more; speak to me through thy word. Amen

“Not reflecting on what we read is like not reading at all”