When rubber meets the road, rice meets the table!


Today: When rubber meets the road, rice meets the table!

Passage: 2 Tim 2

6 The hardworking farmer should be the first to receive a share of the crops. 7 Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight
into all this. (2 Tim 2, NIV) – emphasis added

God likes work. God also likes people committed to work

There is not one second God is sitting idle. God is busy with what He has already created. God sustains and maintains all that He created

A hard working farmer prepares the ground and sows the seed/plants

He loves evry inch of the ground. He doesn’t ignore any crop

There are different types of crops out there; some yield much income, some don’t. A good farmer loves all and takes care of all, equally

In Kerala, India, rubber plantation is like Gold, because of it’s high price

But rice/paddy does not make much money. Many have stopped it

A good farmer will not ignore rice. He will take care of both rice and rubber. He knows he can survive without rubber, but not without rice

You can’t eat rubber and live; you can eat rice and live

But then there are many, who ignore rice and go after rubber

Each has its own place. Rice comes on the dining table of the rich farmer, while rubber stays under his feet, as a slipper

If you have been “put down” by somebody or they treated you bad, they may be treating you like how some people treat rice. Don’t worry. You
were “put down” because you are unique. You will enjoy a much better position, in important places. You are very much “needed”.

God is the best farmer. He will treat you best

In many churches today, people get these two types of treatment.

Some are treated with much importance, while some are ignored

A good farmer waits for his crops, after he has done everything he had to do

Once the seed is sown, the crops need protection. They need to be watched

Constant prayer, preaching of the true word and anointing shower of the Holy Spirit is needed. There is no reason for no fruit!

Hard work and tears pay. A good farmer will reap the harvest

God bless your day!


Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for speaking to me. Help me to treat all people equally. Thank you for those times I was not treated well. I
know that I am important to you. You are the best dad ever, Lord. Thank you; Amen.

“You don’t put rubber on the table, nor rice on the road”