What makes us upset?


Today: What makes us upset?

Passage: Psalm 37

Don’t be upset because of evil people. Don’t be jealous of those who do wrong, Wait and trust the Lord. Don’t be upset when others get rich or when someone else’s plans succeed (Ps 37, NCV)- emphasis added
The psalmist (David) warns us not to get upset because of evil people or of others who get richer or successful

We live in a world of competition. But if we get into the “pool of competition and comparison”, life will only become more miserable and expensive
Once we “fall” into it, we may not be able to come out of it!
Cain could not stand Abel getting the favor of God
Many people go for a bigger house or expensive car just because someone else got something, not because they need it. We better decide what we need, write it down and go for that instead of comparing with someone else
The money goes out of our bank account, not that of others!
David can speak with confidence about something like this because he practiced what he is saying/preaching. He was often intimidated/chased by King Saul. David never spent time worrying about Saul. David’s mind was focused on God. Saul was always “meditating” on David
Are you spending too much time thinking of someone or some situation that is bothering you? It may hurt you emotionally and even physically. Leave it to God and think about God instead.
Writing to Corinthians, Paul mentions two issues: “quarrel” and “jealousy”

You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and  quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere men? (1 Cor 3, NIV)- emphasis added

Most quarreling comes from jealousy

This verse above may not apply to us (?), but it applies to some people

Is it possible for us to rejoice when others get blessed?

Think about it. May be we can slowly practice it
In 1 Corinthians 2, Apostle Paul speaks Jesus-the wisdom and the power of God
Instead of the spirit of  quarrel  and jealousy, we can have the wisdom and the power of God. We decide what we want!
Delete all the “unwanted files” from your heart. Keep only that which is needed

God will bless us if we do that. Have a blessed day
Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to get rid of the spirit of competition and comparison. Help me stop worrying about anything or anyone and
to just focus on you and your works. Thank you my Lord. Amen
“When jealousy leads to quarrel, wisdom leads to power”