Such a great father!


 Today: Such a great father!

Passage: Eph 3

14 For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15 from whom his whole family[a] in heaven and on earth derives its name. (Eph 3, NIV 84)

Apostle Paul says “for this reason….”

In the beginning of the chapter, he mentions about the revelation he had, which ultimately led him to become a servant, a messenger, a minister of God

He was so privileged to suffer for Christ!

And now, Paul is thankful to father God, from whom this great family that is spread in heaven and on earth is derived. He is part of the Church on earth, and every family in Christ is part of that big family

Sometimes families have big family get together (family meeting) where hundreds of people attend. But we have a “new family” in Christ, connected by the blood of Christ! So, we have these family conferences where we meet hundreds of families. It reminds us of the “new family” in Christ.

The word for “Father” in ancient Greek is patēr and for family is patria; they are so connected. The family derives from the father

The father is the physical, emotional and spiritual head of the family

Fathers, we can bring to Christ all that concerns us about our family-small or great. Christ is ultimately the head of every father in the Christian homes.

We, as fathers have to consult Christ when we finalize our decisions. Sometimes we have to cancel things we wanted to do or do things we never wanted to do, just because Christ wanted it that way. We cannot just deal with our spouse/children anyway we want; we better make sure we deal with them as Christ would want us to. The Bible tells it clearly, how to do it

We can know God’s will through the word. That is why it is important to read the word and pray. Know God’s will, and then pray for that to come to pass

Apostle Paul prayed for removing his “thorn in the flesh” three times

When he knew that God “kept” it there, he did not pray again for that matter

That shows his maturity as a son: from childhood to a mature son!

God wants us to be childlike in our approach to God, but many are childish instead! We see so many people doing so many “foolish” things in God’s name!

We have a great father in God; let us act accordingly. He will remove our imperfections as a father/mother, here on earth

God bless you father/mother/son/daughter


Prayer: Father God, once again “Thank you” for being our father and accepting us as your children. It is the greatest privilege ever to be you sons and daughters, through the atoning sacrifice of Christ. Thank  you Jesus. Thank you Holy Spirit of God. In Jesus’ name; Amen