A God of replacement!


Today: A God of replacement!

Passage: Esther 2 (NIV)

 4 Then let the young woman who pleases the king be queen instead of Vashti.” This advice appealed to the king, and he followed it. (Esther 2, NIV)

Our God is a God of second chances; but He is also a God of replacement as well! When a person rebels against God, God may get another one in that place!

Queen Vashti was replaced by queen Esther

I have observed two categories in the Bible.

1. People whom God desperately wants. When these people tried  to run away from their divine assignments, God went go after them and got them back!

Moses tried to avoid the task God called him for, but God got Moses to do that. God called Gideon, Isaiah, Jeremiah and many others and gave them their assignment packages. Jonah is the best example. In my own words, God was like “I need no one else but you Jonah, for this task; you are the best!”

God went after Peter and brought him back; God needed Peter!

These were men of God with fear of God and were  committed. Even when they tried to say “No” or said “send someone else”, God did not look for a replacement. But then, we see another category of people:

2. People who had no repentance and who disobeyed and rejected God

When King Saul displeased God, God immediately told Samuel to anoint David. The moment Saul messed up, God made His “replacement” ready. There had to be an “anointed” one in the nation so that God’s people will be safe!

When people in leadership displease God, God does this. That is the reason why many churches and oragnizations survive, even while the leadership messes up!

So, if you are the one anointed by God because someone in leadership is “messed up”, keep the anointing up and do what God wants you to do; no politics please!

When Judas Isacriot messed up, God had a replacement: Paul. They selected Mathias, but we see Paul really coming up as a disciple!

(Even today, they sometimes select “Mathias” instead of Paul, by voting or by lots!)

When queen Vashti failed, queen Esther came into that place

Jesus came into “His own”, but they rejected him. So the gentiles got the opportunity. You and I got selected. Praise God!

I have seen people who thought “no one will replace me for the next hundred years”, but the “unexpected” happened, and they were replaced!

Let us say “yes” to God and remain humble. Some “extra” humility is O.K, than “extra” pride. All we have is by His grace, and nothing else but grace

Stay blessed under His mighty hand, so that He can bless us more!


Prayer: Father God, you are way smarter than me and many others. You are a God of humility and justice and you hate pride and injustice. Raise the anointed ones up Oh Lord, so that your work will thrive in these last days. In Jesus’ name, Amen

When we run away from our divine assignment, we are running into danger!