Living a life that looks best in the end!


Today: Living a life that looks best in the end!

Passage: 2 Tim 4

7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2 Tim 4, NIV 84)

Towards the end of his earthly life, Apostle Paul takes a look upon his own life

Looking back, he was so pleased with the way he spent his life, from the day he met Christ. He did not waste any moment of his life. The one life he lived, he lived it well! He knew that one day, he will come to the end of his life here

We celebrate “memorial day” in the U.S, in honor of those who sacrificed their lives for the nation

These men and women who serve in the military are usually away from the public,  focusing on their task of protecting the nation, at the cost of their own lives

True service cannot be done without sacrifice, or it is not to be called service!

When a person like Paul says towards the end of his life that he did a good job with his life, that means he did what he was supposed to do

God is the best person who can guide our lives. Following God’s plan is following God. God knows what He is doing. He did everything well

God called prophets and they were loaded with assignments

There are many organizations today, that send people daily, with assignments

The other day, I saw this young man at my door as I answered the bell

He was visiting homes along with some others. He was from the Jehovah’s witness

The gentleman spoke to me briefly. He was talking of Christ as the son of God and not God. I told him that Christ himself told, those who saw Christ has seen the father and that Christ and the Father are one

I also asked about John 1:1 and he mentioned that “the word was a God”, as he said that verse. I said, the word was not a God, but God!

There are many groups of people who work on a daily basis, visiting homes

They will find their fruit; I am sure, many people are added to such groups, because of their hard work

May God open your eyes to see what we need to see

In the end, we should be able to say, “I did what God wanted me to do”

Have a blessed day!


Prayer: Father God, you created the universe and everything in it, living and non-living. I am proud of you, and you are the best. You provided salvation for our souls, which was the greatest sacrifice ever. Thanks for everything in Jesus’ name. Amen

If you really know what salvation is, you’ve got work to do