Taste and share that which is good!


Today: Taste and share that which is good!

Passage: Eph 6

Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should. (Eph 6, NIV)-emphasis added

Fear is the reason why many people do not advance in life

Many are scared to take risks. They won’t try a different job or study a course; They won’t do anything different. If the order of something is changed a bit, they can’t take it. Fear is a tool that devil uses very “succesfully”

There are many things you can do, while having fear in mind; but the gospel is an exeption. Gospel should be declared with the power of the Holy Spirit, which is not a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound
mind (2 Tim 1:7)

There are several ways you can be a messenger of the gospel

Below are some (Ref: “Becoming an Authentic Christian” by Bill Habels).

1. Confrontational: (like how Peter preached on the day of Pentecost). “this Jesus whom you crucified”  (Acts 2:36). Using this model, one must be careful who it is being preached to. Jesus used this model sometimes speaking to the pharisees and the saducees, but never to the gentiles! Many people hurt the people of other faiths by using this method wrongly.

2. Think it through-intellectual:…. he reasoned with them from the Scriptures, explaining and proving that the Christ….(Acts 17:1-3, NIV)  Paul’s preaching in Thessalonica brought many thinkers and seekers to
Christ. This is comparable to the present day ministry of Ravi Zacharias, Josh McDowell and the like.

3. He changed my life (Testimonial): We are used to this type of Evangelism, where a
person uses their personal experience to witness (Ref. John 9:25)

4.   Live it out (Relational): You live your transformed lives and that becomes a witness to the near
and dear, people working with you and so on (Mk 5:19)

5.   Come and hear (invitational): The samaritan woman in John 4, invited others to come and see Jesus. Some people are good at just inviting others to a meeting or church

6.   How can I help (serving): In acts 9, we see Dorcas, who served the community through making garments for th poor and so on. If God has given you the spirit of service, do it!

7. There are many other ways to witness. God has given some the gift of prophecy, healing etc., through which people become convinced

The bottom line is: there is one that fits you, so no excuse!

God bless your day


Prayer: Lord Jesus, If I tasted your love, I cannot keep it for myself, because it is so real and many
are desperately in need of it. Help me impact many with your love. Amen

“Witnessing Jesus is a way of life, not a way outside of life”