When faith seems to be fading!


Today: When faith seems to be fading!

Passage: John 11

16 And the LORD God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die.” (Eph 5, NIV)-emphasis added

4 When he heard this, Jesus said, “This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God’s glory so that God’s Son may be glorified through it.” (John 11, NIV)-emphasis added

The above two scriptures have statements from God pertaining to life/death. Both are used by critics of the gospel to attack (the God of) the Bible

In Genesis, we see that Adam and Eve disobeyed god, but they did not die physically. Satan told them they won’t die, if they ate the forbidden fruit.

It may look like satan was true and God was not! But the fact is that God was speaking about spiritual
death, which is what God is really concerned about.

They both died spiritually, as they disobeyed God. They were seperated from God. They also lost their divine image!

In the second incident, Lazarus was sick and the sisters sent word to their friend and master Jesus. Jesus gave immediate reply: “This sickness will not end in death”. What else can make the sisters happier than that?

The news naturally spread in the whole land:  “Lazarus will not die!”

As the sickness got worse and worse, the sisters held on the word from Jesus. They “knew” their brother was not going to die.

But then, all of a sudden, the unexpected happened. Lazarus died!

They couldn’t believe. People naturally started mocking them and their Jesus. It was more hurting to
hear and see the mockery of the people, than the pain of their brother’s death!
They also had “enough” to get upset with Jesus himself!

And then, they expected Jesus at least just before the burial. But Jesus did not show up!

Finally, when all hope was gone, there He is; Jesus!

Have we lost our confidence in Jesus because of something very bad that happened to us?

Cheer up! Jesus is not done with us. He is working on it, for something better. Jesus does not look at
things the way we look at them

Have a great day
May God bless you


Prayer: Lord jesus, I am sorry for misunderstanding you and for thinking bad about you because you
were not there when I expected you. I now know that when you take care of things, it will end in life, not death. Amen.

Read somewhere: “Delay is not denial”