Avoiding the sinkholes in our lives!


Passage: Psalm 143 (NLT)

Today: Avoiding the sinkholes in our lives!

14 In the Temple area he saw merchants selling cattle, sheep, and doves for sacrifices; he also saw dealers at tables exchanging foreign money. 15 Jesus made a whip from some ropes and chased them all out of the Temple. He drove out the sheep and cattle, scattered the money changers’ coins over the floor, and turned over their tables. 16 Then, going over to the people who sold doves, he told them, “Get these things out of here. Stop turning my Father’s house into a marketplace!” (John 2, NLT)-emphasis added

When the word of God is sown or shared, it does accomplish something; it does!

A life/family/church built upon the word is and will be strong; it can survive the storms. When I hear certain TV preachers, I just look at the content to see if what the people are getting, over a period of two or three years. In many cases, I could see that the people are getting no solid teaching of the word. But there are a few, where people get the word of God, and they grow to be very strong!

One of the hot topics in the news these days, has been the sink hole that developed under a Florida home, which was also getting bigger; a man by name Jeff Bush was tragically lost into that hole. It is like a mystery. As we see, this time continues to be a year of the unexpected and the unusual!

I was thinking, that sinkhole is telling something to the nation as a whole. There is a big sinkhole developing under the nation: not a physical one, but a spiritual and a moral one. It is not a natural one, but man-made. It is big, because our (liberal) hearts are so wide and big (!). Our “compassion” sometimes exceeds that of God!?

When we were children, there were times when we felt our parents were not right in everything, but we were. It took time for us to realize that they were right in most of those things. As a nation, that is what we are doing. There will come a time when we say, “we were wrong” and God was right!

After the flood in Genesis 6, they were building that big tower with lots of dreams and plans. God just came down and stopped it because they did not involve God

God had a different plan for them. (May be they did not make the foundation right, so it would collapse once it was over!). God did not want all of them to perish!

If we go on with our own plans, it may look like God is “keeping  quiet”  for some more time, but not for long. He will start to show up, and then it will be too late for us to do some major changes. All we can do is some “make-ups” or minor changes. It is better to start doing things right, right now!

Our lives, homes as well as churches are struggling because of many wrong choices we made in the past, without involving God. We better get on our knees when we can bend our knees. If our knees become too stiff, we will have to “stand” for too long!

It is time to stop just “feeling good”, when we are not doing things right; it is time to start doing it right and doing it good!

If God’s people start doing things right, there is no better combination than that!

Have a blessed day!


Reflection: Am I trying to be either smarter or more “compassionate” than God?

Prayer: Lord, 8 Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you. 9 Rescue me from my enemies, Lord; I run to you to hide me. 10 Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing. (Ps 143, NLT)

Even as we involve God in only about 10% of things we do, God has been there in the other 90%, because He knew we can’t do it all alone