Truth will prevail!


Passage: Gen 6, NIV 84

Today: Truth will prevail!

 22 Noah did everything just as God commanded him..  (Gen 6, NIV 84)

When God called Noah and told him about the coming flood/judgment,  it would have been very difficult to accept, if Noah had used his human wisdom

But Noah’ blindly believed and obeyed God instead!

Whenever God sends a message of judgment, there will also be a message of salvation! People who want to get out of judgment can run into the “ark”!

The ark was put together by Noah, and it was totally free for anyone to run into the ark. Everything needed would be provided there for free!

We live at a time when the day of the Lord is fast approaching! Those who want to escape from condemnation need run and take cover in Jesus!

Just like in the days of Noah, only very few are serious about it though!

One day, the doors will be closed and that is it!

Noah just spoke the truth; he did not force it on anybody

Truth stands on its own. Jesus spoke the truth. Jesus did not go after those  who disbelieved it. Truth will prevail!

When Jesus was resurrected, they spread news that someone stole his body. Jesus could have appeared to Pilate and the high priests to prove that He was alive, but He did not do it. Jesus rather appeared to those who believed in Him!

The ark Noah made, survived the storm because it was made as per the word/ command of God, which is the Truth. Anything made on lie/deception will fail!

Poor Christians in remote villages of India/Africa face lot of challenges; when they have a problem like a sick child or so, they may not be able to get immediate help; so, many just call upon the name of Jesus and miracles happen!

Have you tried to call on God in a situation where no other help was available?

It doesn’t matter how big is that “impossibility” that lies in front of you

If we will believe the word of God and pray, if we will stand with and for the truth, God will make things happen

Somebody may say “no” to you for a job or so; if you pray, God can make it “yes”!

Don’t just absorb the negative words of people; absorb the true word of God!

Prayer and the word together make such a strong mix, a strong structure!

Sometimes, it looks like lie/deception is winning for a short time; but in the end, truth will prevail.

Have a blessed day!


Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for speaking to me. I admit that I was tempted to believe the lie of the devil many times-believing my feelings than the fact of your word. I am sorry. Help me to believe your word more than anything else; Amen

Lie cannot overcome truth because truth is from God and lie, from the devil!