Joy, peace and ….. !


Today: Joy, peace and ….. !

Passage: John 14, NIV

 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.. (John 14, NIV)

The other day, I saw a young man wearing a “T” shirt: “Joy, peace and beer”!

That was about the peace that the world gives; it is not long-lasting. The peace from God is one that passeth all understanding and reasoning

For everything that God gives, there is a duplicate from the world and the devil

There is divine joy and the worldly joy. Most believers fail to understand the difference between the two, and they mostly have the peace and joy of the world, than the one that comes from the Lord

In the book of Acts, we see in different places that the people were filled with joy as the Holy Spirit came upon them. Even in the midst of persecution and losses, their joy and peace were not affected. They even suffered financial losses, but didn’t loose their joy and peace

peace and joy in acts and the epistles (click the link for a few references)

We should learn to get the peace and joy from God by enjoying His presence and His word more than watching TV shows or entertainment on the Internet

We all want to stay away from sin. A list of “do’s and don’ts” may not help much. But the nest way to stay holy is to get into a deeper, loving relationship with Christ. Same is true even in marriage

Man has a tendency to look for love and pleasure from one source or another

But as we enter into a deep and personal relationship with Jesus, as we spent time worshiping in the spirit, Jesus himself will fill us with joy and peace.

Sin is the enemy of divine joy and peace

Many Christians rarely enjoy divine peace and joy because we are too busy to read the word and pray. I have seen that people who pray and enjoy reading the word live longer and healthy, free from many sicknesses that others “cherish”

When we fill our heart with envy, jealousy, pride and other sinful stuff, that become like bags of garbage we add to our own life, making life a big burden

We can hand over all those worries and concerns to Jesus, in prayer

He will take care of them, no matter what it is

It could be about your children/spouse or any one/any situation

We only reduce our life span worrying too much; not worth it

May God fill you with peace and joy divine, through His Spirit

Blessings, peace and Joy!


Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for divine joy and peace. Help me to discern between the peace and joy that comes from you and the one that is not. Help me to make and maintain this peace and joy in the home, work and everywhere. Amen

Peace and joy from God overcomes any situation; peace and joy of the world is overcome by any situation