Dealing with the “Achish” in and among us!


Today: Dealing with the “Achish” in and among us!

Passage:  1 Samuel 29

6So Achish called David and said to him, “As surely as the Lord lives, you have been reliable, and I would be pleased to have you serve with me in the army. From the day you came to me until now, I have found no fault in you, but the rulers don’t approve of you. 7 Turn back and go in peace; do nothing to displease the Philistine rulers.”  (1 Sam 29,  NIV 84)-emphasis added

It is interesting to study the involvement of various people, in David’s life

Someone can make it as a thesis topic. There is so much!

As a very young man, his parents and brothers never thought that one day, David would become the king of Israel. Then, when David saw the philistine challenging Israel, he responded. His brothers as well as king Saul and the people were counting the “last minutes” of David, when he went against the giant with just five stones!

Then, after the victory, the king of the land became his worst enemy!

Can anyone survive, if the king becomes your worst enemy?

Then he got Jonathan, Saul’s son as his best friend, but Jonathan was smart enough to take care of his own business. David got cut-off from him

Later, David comes to Achish as his “Jonathan #2”! David was sincere. He was straight forward. But the people around him were not like him.

David gets a “pay back” from Achish. God wanted David to put his full trust in God

In my own words, this is what Achish is saying to David: “David, you are good and I know that. I wanted you to be with me for ever. But unfortunately, these philistines won’t allow that. What can I do? So you have to go back!”

We come across different types of personalities, in our everyday life. Some people smile in the morning, but ignore you in the afternoon; some smile if you are with family, but act like a stranger when you are alone; some do the opposite. Some are good, if we say “yes” to everything they say. Amazingly, The list goes on…

God was teaching David about the how fragile man was, and how steady God was!

We are surrounded by “Achish”s. David was a man with whom everybody “played games”. David never changed the way he was. So God helped David directly

David would run to God often, like how a baby runs to its mother

There are many people , of whom others take advantage. Many men take advantage over women/children and treat them like “slaves” who are “bound” to do certain things. These women/children just suffer it all because of various situations

The opposite also happens! Children may treat parents like slaves..!

In any situation, prayer does miracles. Sometimes, people need to talk/act, all according to God’s will. We have only one life, and is to be lived in freedom

Christ broke many barriers and set people free.

Have a wonderful day. God bless you!


Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for freedom form the slavery to sin, satan and situations/people. Let me not be a slave to anything/anybody, nor let me try to make anyone a slave. Help me lead people from captivity to freedom. Amen

Christ paid a price to make us free; satan takes a price to make us slaves!