From God, through man


Today: From God, through man

Passage: Jeremiah 17

14 Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. (Jeremiah 17, NIV)

Salvation and healing comes from God; but most of the time, God uses a person(s) as a channel of salvation and healing to another!

Salvation is the highest form of healing; it is the quickening of a spiritually dead person, to life. There is no greater miracle than that!

God was willing to step down into the life of His creation. Isn’t that a miracle?

Welcoming Jesus into our life is not a great act on our end; the greatness of salvation is that Jesus was/is willing to walk into our lives, in the condition we are!

If the President of the nation comes to our house and we just open the door for him/her, is that a “great” thing we do? Not at all!

When we make it a big deal that we accepted Jesus into our life, remember that the great thing is that Jesus was willing to come into the life of His creation!

The word of God is God (John 1:1). So, the word of God is very important, when it comes to salvation or healing. It has power, just like God. Read/speak it to the person who needs salvation/healing. If it is you, read it to yourself!

Jesus did not heal everybody that was around Him. In the same way, just keeping the Bible under the pillow or on the table will not do us any good, than (may be) some mental satisfaction!

But if we meditate on God’s word and believe what it says, it will work great for us! I think, we need to understand that better

Jeremiah admitted that salvation and healing comes from God

Today, much healing is needed in the family; family is the #1 target of devil. Satan seperates; God joins!

None of us are angels. Many people look at themselves as an “angel”, and their conterpart as a “devil”. We say, God joins a man and a woman in marriage. Does God join a “demon” and an “angel” in marriage?

However, even “demons” can be transformed to “angels” through the right treatment!

We are transformed to transform; touched by God, to touch others with the same kind of love and compassion

A lot can be done and a lot of problems solved, by treating others right. Many a time, the change we expect in the other person need to  take place in us first, so that we could look at them right and treat them right

It could be children; it could be spouse; it could be a brother/sister in church or a co-worker;

The healing we expect them to have, may be we need it first!

I am sure, that is true at least in most cases!

Have a great, blessed day!


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you were ministering to me, and thank you for the same. You are a brother, a friend and everything best that I can think of. You not only preached, but also practiced what you preached. Help me to be the same way; Amen

There is healing in salvation, but not salvation in every healing; what is common to both is “L” (Love)