Time to know “what you can”!


Today: Time to know “what you can”!

Passage: Mat 16

13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength. (Phil 4, NIV) –

Paul was a person who stretched himself to the maximum, for Jesus

He engaged himself 100%, like Jesus did. There was probably nothing more that he could stretch!

Most of us are like “even this is too much; I can’t do anything more than this”

That is what we think. The fact is, we can do much more

If we had double the work and responsibility we have today, we would still have done it!

Paul wrote almost half of the entire New Testament, at a time when there were no computers or type-writers. Then he travelled extensively preaching and teaching. He was involved in various administrative and other responsibilities as well. He was arrested, put in prison, beaten, been without food-went through a lot. Yet he never complained about it. He just trusted in Jesus to do it all!

Giving all the credit to Jesus, Paul just says that he didn’t do anything much!

The other day, we were in a “theme park” where they have all the rides and water-games and stuff like that. It was amazing!

Someone had a dream/vision. They believed they could do it. They pursued their dream and accomplished their dream for such a great theme-park!

We don’t achieve many things in life because we don’t want to!

If we have a divine desire, a goal, we can definitely achieve a lot more!

Many people started a small evangelistic activity which later became a big church/organization, a blessing to many people

Jesus came to the world, sacrificed himself. He achieved what He came for!

And I tell you that you are Peter,[c] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[d] will not overcome it (Mat 16, NIV)-emphasis added

Jesus accomplished His dream. He could see the church built, and still growing!

There were so many challenges. But Jesus will never shrink back!

If we can have a goal and stay with it, we can achieve it. Jesus is there to help. He has experience and will supply us with the skills/advice we need

God bless  your day. Say, “I can do it. Jesus will help”



Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for talking to me. You did it, so I can do it because you are with me and because you will help me. Help me to accomplish the goals you have set for me in this life of mine, which is your gift. Amen