Living the life of a fragrant offering!


Today: Living the life of a fragrant offering!

Passage: Eph 5

1 Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children 2 and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.  (Eph 5, NIV )

The life of Jesus was a fragrant offering to God

The costly fragrant perfumes of the world, has a story to tell. Some of the most beautiful flowers like rose, Lilly, Jasmine and many others were thrown into the mill where they got crushed. They lost all their beauty and shape. Out of them came something very fragrant, something that takes away the bad odor from our bodies

When Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice – to be crushed on the cross, he became a fragrant offering to the father. The blood of Jesus takes away the filth and bad odor of sin, shame and curses away from us

Today, we don’t stink sin, because of the fragrant blood of Jesus that was sprinkled upon us. That blood not only gives us the fragrance of Christ, but also washes our sins away and cleanses us. There is no other thing in the world comparable to that blood!

Our bodies naturally stink because of sweat, as the day goes on.

In a similar way, our spirit also starts stinking. That is why it is important to pray and read the word of God, as often as we can

The more we go closer to sin, the more we stink (Ps 1)

When Jesus went on the cross, he knew he will die and resurrect

When we allow ourselves to be “crucified”, we know we will not always remain in that situation. Living in a world that hates the things of God, our life is not very pleasant, but we are happy to live a life that is a sweet aroma to our God (2 Cor 2:15, Rom 12:1, 2)

People like to choose the path of less resistance, pleasing the world

But God is looking for those who stand strong-those with back bones for God

For some reason, we see many leaders in the spiritual and secular field, without “back-bone”. Some never had it. Some lost it along the way, and don’t know where they lost it. God hates people who never take a stand on issues.

God has lifted up a sure standard, the Bible

As we decide to stand strong for Jesus, may God bless and guide us each step of the way. Amen.


Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for making yourself a sacrificial yet fragrant offering for me. Let me always be that fragrance for others, carrying your name and washed by your blood. Amen.