Strong and yet loving!


Today: Strong and yet loving!

Passage: Psalm 62

 11One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard: that you, O God, are strong, 12 and that you, O Lord, are loving. Surely you will reward each person according to what he has done. (Psalm 62, NIV) –emphasis added

God is Strong, yet Loving; that is what David has found out and experienced

The usage “God spoke once but I heard twice” refers to how much important is God’s words to David. Compare it with “God spoke ten times and I heard only once”

That is what happens in most cases. David was so keen to listen to God

Two great attributes of God: Strength and love

When you have a loving friend who is not strong enough to help you, you know what that is; on the other hand, there are many who are strong/capable, but have no love. When we have the capability for something, God wants us to help others as much as we can (Pro. 3:27, James 4:17)

When strength and love combines, it is something Godly/divine

When strength and selfishness combines, it can be more satanic

Strength of knowledge, money, beauty, health, whatever it be….

Sometimes God has given you many gifts and you are keeping it to yourself without using it for the blessing/benefit of others

As long as we can share our time and talents in a way that brings glory to God, do it

They are both God’s gifts, not just ours

David goes on to say that God will reward each person according to their works

We may say, “Lord, I don’t want any reward” (!),  but God says that He will

Do we remember to complement people who do good to us?

If we do, we are doing something divine. If we are simply there to enjoy “free stuff” and not be thankful, that could be more unlike God

In the east, mostly ladies/mothers do cooking, cleaning and stuff; others usually take it for granted, because it is “their job”. Most of the time, they don’t get any compliments, but get a lot of complaints instead (for a piece of hair in the food..or for salt/sugar and so on)

As a child, I have seen Pastors/preachers come to our home and they “thank” after food or something. At that time, I used to think, “why thank? It is mom’s job!”

But later I knew that even a “thanks” means big sometimes. Many forget that!

Thank God that He is both Strong and Loving. He can and will help us

Have a blessed day


Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for your strength and Love. You made me strong with your strength; make me loving, with your love. Help me to be a channel of all that I receive from you so that many will be blessed, as I am blessed. Amen

“Being more like God than devil, is a matter of choice, not chance”